achive brand and product success security and efficiency solutions that fit different needs leverage best practices and desfine unique options protect the important data on all devices digitized and automated processes


Is your company leveraging all the information technology assets in its possession to achieve brand and product success in the marketplace?  Could you measure performance of Information Technology you own and use? Are you using digitized and automated processes that allow comprehensive experience throughout the internal organizations to your clients?

HP Software’s Information Technology Performance Suite (ITPS) is the industry’s most comprehensive range of solutions with focus on the business of Information Technology (IT) Perform Better. Together, the ITPS helps the overall IT organization to perform better by providing unparalleled coverage of the IT business and a system of measure based on KPI scorecard to optimize business outcomes.

Executive Systematically

BSharp, as HP strategic partner, is focused on enabling our clients run their business of IT with sharp vision and in line with the industry best practices. BSharp leverages extensive expertise in business and technology consulting using ITPS products and solutions in the following pillars of IT business.

Strategy, Planning and Governance
Security Intelligence and Risk Management
Application Lifecycle Management
IT Operations Management
Information Management
Collaboration, Orchestration and Analytics


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