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Storage Managment Solutionsstorage managment

BSharp Systems created variety Storage Management solutions that can fit different needs.
Our solutions span across managing all aspects of storage operations that cover physical and
virtual environments which include multivendor support.

B Sharp Solutions address the following Critical Pain Points:

  • Storage capacity planning and forecasting
    • How much storage is being used right now?
    • Who is using it and what it is being used for?
    • How much storage will be necessary to support the business?

  • Storage availability
    • Where all my available storage in the enterprise?
    • Why is it available?
    • Could I reuse this available storage for other means?

  • Storage performance
    • How does our storage perform real time right now?
    • How does our storage perform historically?
    • What can we do to reduce potential storage outages?

Solution Benefits:

  • Automatic tracking of storage utilization
  • Automatic storage asset discovery
  • Automatic asset inventory and inventory configuration
  • Asset and service mapping in visual topology
  • Hosts discovery and management
  • Available capacity graphical trends

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Storage Reclamation
Storage Capacity Planning and Forecasting
Storage Automation
Storage Cloud
Storage Resource Management (SRM)

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